Fruit Care

Getting tree ripened fruit is wonderful because it tastes soooo delicious!

But it needs special care. Bruising and mold become more of an issue with ripe fruit. Mold often starts when bruised fruit gets damp. Because the fruit you get from us is ripe, we can expect some bruising for two reasons

  1. shipping shakes it around
  2. ripe fruit piled on itself will bruise


Spread it out so there will be less bruising and so you can catch any that is bruised. Cut out the bruise and use the rest right away. Spreading it out also lets any condensation dry off the fruit.

Once your fruit gets a little ripe, then you can get it into the fridge, but remember to avoid piling it. Use cake pans so you can stack layers. I often put single layers into the bottom and top of my fruit boxes and then crisscross them in a stack in a cool place; the garage or by an air conditioning duct or in the basement if it is not too humid.

You will love using tree ripened fruit and find your own creative ways of taking care of it. We expect you to get great fruit and try to catch any boxes that aren't good. You might lose a few pieces of fruit to bruising. But if there is excessive bruising or mold, please let me know within 48 hours so we can get a credit for you. Credits can be used for any of the fresh fruit through November when the fresh fruit season ends.