About Us

Having a good fruit season every year is especially important.

Here's our story!

Mr. Saxton was from Lincoln, NE. When he moved to Idaho to plant his orchard, his Nebraska friends told him if he'd bring peaches back, they'd buy. So for years, Saxton Orchard has been direct marketing in Lincoln and that market spilled over into Kansas, including us.

We continue to work with Saxton's son-in-law. He has convinced several family-owned orchards to leave some of their peaches to tree-ripen rather than picking earlier for commercial sales. They are better peaches as a result, but they need to sell those tree-ripened peaches immediately to make it work.

What that means for you is excellent fruit. What that means for us is that we need to make sure we sell their tree-ripened fruit, because they can no longer sell it commercially. That doesn't mean you should buy more fruit than you want or can use. But, we do need your help. We have put out some signs, and built this web site, but we know very well the best way to increase sales is word of mouth — YOU recommending us to your friends and family and neighbors and co workers.

Some of you will be overwhelmed with a whole box of fruit. A good way to solve that is to buy a box and split with someone. Doing that gives you fresh fruit for several weeks because you can use up your share and get more fresh on the next delivery. So check with neighbors and co workers!

Many of you have already been recommending us to your friends. Thank you so much. Your help makes all the difference in the world.